Running a bit late this a.m. ... there's not much news and not much going on in the Classical blogosphere either, it seems:

Over at Laudator, MG adds some useful ancillary material to my suggestion a few days ago on the 'assisted vomiting' image he had presented (the conversation about this on the Classics list appears, alas, to be over) ... there's a paper in this I think.

Meanwhile, over at Curculio, MH adds some commentary to MG's Rabelais post from the other day ...

Hobbyblog offers a Valerian Venus Victrix ... (say that ten times quickly!)

Sauvage Noble kicks off National Latin Teacher Recruitment Week with a Prolegomena of interest ... (my first contribution to the 'Carnival' is below, by the way)

Forgot to mention Father Foster's latest yesterday ... The visit of Benedict XVI to Vatican Radio provides his very own Latinist with a welcome opportunity to share with us scholarly knowledge of the universal language of the Catholic Church. As used in that first inaugural speech broadcast by Pius XI seventy five years ago!