Alia aliis placent.

Various things are pleasing to different people.

(pron = AH-lee-ah AH-lees PLAH-kent)

Comment: I suppose that this proverb tells us nothing that we don't already
know. (But then, do any of them? don't we already know this wisdom at some
level, each day?)

It is the variety of interests that keep things, well, interesting. While I am
pleased or drawn to certain things that are, perhaps, so varied from what you
are drawn to, we both know the delight of delighting in something.

This weekend, I am really looking forward to: some pre-spring gardening, reading
an historical fiction novel I have on ancient Ireland, watching a DVD series I
bought on the history of Rome, and spending some time with my children.

Others are looking forward to a party they have planned to go to, a concert or
ball game, baking some cookies, writing letters to friends, taking a car engine
apart and putting it together again!

Some things on your list would leave me cold. Some things on my list would
drive you out of your mind.

But, we both have lists of things we want to do, love to do, delight in.

What we should do, as I see it, is really delight in those things. I have this
sense that delight is transferrable. If I really allow myself to delight in
the things I enjoy, the effect is larger than me. Somehow the joy I get from
gardening this weekend transfers to others--even others who do not enjoy

On this Friday, the vigil to a weekend, may you delight in the things that
please you. It will make for a more delightful world.

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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