This morning I mentioned a curious image of 'affection' presented at MG's Laudator ... as MG has suggested, this image is generally taken as an image of some reveller vomiting on a courtesan's feet. In between totally unrelated thoughts just this very instant however, it occurred to me that the image can't be one of vomiting; neither person is in a position conducive to either vomiting (I challenge anyone to stand like the depiction and attempt to vomit) or 'calming' a vomiting person. The facial expressions also don't really fit (although that doesn't mean anything). And then it hit me, and I checked the more detailed image at Perseus. If you look at that image, it looks like she might be helping the guy tie his fillet on his head -- i.e. she is helping to wrap whatever the 'thongs' are around his head. Looking at the other images from the cup (also at Perseus), it is readily apparent that the fillets around all the revellers heads are somewhat elaborate wrapped/woven things, with a bit of 'tail' even ... see especially this guy by the handle (who could, arguably, be the same guy who is claimed to be 'vomiting').

There ain't no vomiting going on here ... I can't believe this is the 'canonical' interpretation.