Flumen confusum reddit piscantibus usum.

A stirred up river gives to fisherman an advantage.

(pron = FLOO-men kohn-FOO-soom REHD-dit pis-KAHN-tih-boos OO-soom)

Comment: I see two angles on this proverb. What if I were the fish? If I were
the fish, this proverb would be telling me that when my space is all cluttered
and confused it allows others to take advantage of me. So, keep things clean!

If I were the fisherman, however, this proverb would be telling me that when
something turns the tables, so to speak, on a status quo situation, it may
actually be an advantage to me. So, look for opportunity in the unexpected!

So, I could play the fish, keep my space clean, and hope not to get caught. Or,
I could play the fisherman, looking for an opportunity today in the unexpected
disturbances I encounter.

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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