Let's see what happens when we run Caligula through the metaphor/simile/hype machine ... first, from Tennis World:

Celebs today have figured out that as long as they keep finding ways to stay in the public eye, they can do—or not do—anything they want. I’ve written about this before, calling it the Caligula Complex.

.... and Common Conservative:

Hollywood, like any other marketplace, is bound by the law of supply and demand. If there is a demand for a particular type of film, television show, or actor, Hollywood will respond with that particular type of film, television show, or actor, often to an excess that would make Caligula look Amish.

... and the Post Gazette:

The College of Fine Arts, where students study architecture, art, design, drama and music, was founded in 1906 as the School of Applied Design. Such carved-in-stone fact pales beside the lushly costumed history of this bash, which, at times, was so bacchanalian that one reveler said it would have made Caligula blush.

A blushing amish Caligula ... no wonder he has a complex ...