From the Sofia News Agency:

The Thracian complex of Perperikon has suffered damages worth of EUR 9,000 caused by the February 21 quake to the south of Bulgaria.

Experts from the Culture Ministry led by Minister Stefan Danailov have personally checked the situation at the ancient religious complex, whose ruins have been unearthed for over ten years now.

The earthquake with a magnitude of 4.2 on the Richter scale, which shook the town of Kurdzhali and the area on Tuesday, caused a break-off of a rock being part of the dolomite wreath. Besides, experts found a considerable bursting along the south wall circumventing Perperikon.

Restoration and strengthening works to preserve the unique archeological complex from further earthquakes would cost, according to preliminary estimates, BGN 92,000 (EUR 46,000).

Yet, Culture Minister Danailov said he could not say at present where from the necessary funding would be provided.