From the Telegraph:

A German hip hop band which raps in Latin is reforming after a sudden rise in interest in its songs.

The band, Ista, was formed by a group of bored Classics pupils at a school in Wilhelmshaven a decade ago.

Uninspired by their school Latin, Lars Janssen and his friends decided to spice up class by putting a song into Latin.

Their teacher, Edgar Barwig, himself not much older than the 17-year-olds in his charge, approved of their new-found enthusiasm and encouraged them to form a band.

The original seven members, which included Mr Barwig, who checked that the grammar was right, are now living scattered across Germany, having since grown up and become architects, teachers, a nurse and parents.

"Over the years we have sold around 2,500 CDs," said Mr Janssen. "Between 10 and 20 are bought per month, from our internet site.

"But recently that has doubled and the media interest has been enormous. People have found us over the internet and we have sold CDs to people in the US and all across Europe."

A debate has been raging in German educational circles about whether Latin should be taught in school any more - and Ista is suddenly all the rage again.

To mark their return, the band will soon release a new song - Caesaris Blues, about being bored in Latin class.

A decade ago, when they formed, they quickly found local fame by playing at schools and recording their own compositions as well as covers of other songs.

"Latin is a good language to rap in actually. It has a good rhythm and can be to the point," said Mr Janssen.

... the original story has a sidebar with an example of their work.