From the Sofia News Agency:

More than 10,000 golden, silver and bronze coins have been stolen from the safe vault of Veliko Tarnovo Museum.

The theft was reported February 2. Artifacts worth BGN 5 M have been stolen from the Veliko Tarnovo museum were stolen.

The museum management announced that the final lists with the missing artifacts will be ready on Monday.

Most of the exhibits stolen were from the numismatic fund. Some 75 tetra drachmas from Philip and Alexander the Great (Alexander of Macedon) that had a great value. Another 4000 silver Roman dinars and 385 golden and silver coins as well as jewelry from Arbanasi dated back to the 17th century. A string of silver coins has been stolen from the ethnographic fund.

Police official commented that the robbery was very well planned and that insiders might have helped the robbers.