Followup piece from the Maroon about a young Classicist's success on Jeopardy:

For nearly two weeks, 6 p.m. in Kevin Marshall's home meant that it was time for another party. Not even Katrina-related renovations could put a halt to this tradition.

"Even with our whole downstairs gone, we would still have parties," Marshall said. "We would just move them to different locations."

The Marshall family wasn't going to let the lack of a fully-functioning kitchen stop its celebrating. Beginning Jan. 10, Kevin, 19, was on his way to becoming a defending "Jeopardy" champion. He ended his seven-day stint on the show last Wednesday, with a total of $105,701 in winnings.

Remodeling was the last thing on the Marshall's minds.

"Parents tend to be happy when you're winning 50,000 dollars a day," Marshall said.

Things have come full circle for Marshall, who discovered his love for "Jeopardy" at home and is now celebrating his wins there. Marshall has watched the show for as long as he can remember and has often played against his parents.

"I would beat them all the time," he explained.

He traveled to "Jeopardy" auditions in Atlanta with hopes of fulfilling his life-long dream. After taking a test and playing a fake match against other potential contestants, he found out that he would appear on the show. Taping began in October.

For about four months following the taping, Kevin had to live his life both as a Loyola classical studies junior and a secret "Jeopardy" champion. Keeping this part of his life secret, according to Kevin, wasn't difficult.

"I didn't really let anyone know that I was on the show, so people weren't too curious," he said. "It was harder for my mom not to tell people than it was for me."

Even after becoming a semi-celebrity and $105,701 richer, post-"Jeopardy" life for Marshall isn't drastically different than life before it.

"People don't act too differently around me," he said. "They just ask me for money."

But Marshall has other plans for spending his winnings. A theatrical enthusiast, he hopes to buy theatre equipment and start a theatre company. He'd also like to become a "real estate mogul" and vacation at Cedar Park in Ohio.

"I have a lot of ideas, but I'll probably run out of money before I get to all of them," Marshall said.

Although he didn't become the new Ken Jennings, Kevin Marshall couldn't be happier about his game show success.

"I'm lucky that this experience was worthwhile, and I'm happy with the amount of money I got," he said. "This is what I had been waiting for."

Next up for Kevin is a possible spot in the upcoming "Jeopardy" Tournament of Champions. Looks like the Marshall family might be having a few more evening parties.