Magnas inter opes inops.
(Horace Odes 3.16.28)

(pron = MAHG-nahs IN-tehr OH-pays IN-ohps)

Resourceless in the midst of great resources.
Poor in the midst of great riches.
Lost in a sea of directions.
Foolish in the house of wisdom.
Unsatisfied in a world of choices.
Living month to month on a higher than average income.
Alone in a crowded room.
A stranger to nature while living on planet Earth.
A slave in the land of the free.

These few little words from the great poet, Horace, speak too loudly to me as
poetry to write about them. So, I just offer up a few other ways of saying
them, poetically. I suspect you either get this or not, and that one or more
of these speaks in some particular ways.

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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