Tam deest avaro quod habet quam quod non habet.
(Publilius Syrus, Sententia 628)

The greedy person lacks as much of what he has as what he does not have.

(pron = tahm DAY-ehst ah-WAH-roh kwohd HA-bet kwam kwohd nohn HA-bet)

Comment: What do you have? How often do we ask ourselves that question?
Aren't we inclined to focus more on what we do not have?

Where did that pattern insert itself into us? This is not a rhetorical
question. Take some time today. Consider (if this even applies to you) when
it was and from whom it was that you first learned to focus on what you lack
than on what you have.

Whatever and whomever you come up with, the point is not to blame anyone else,
but to identify where the pattern came from and to acknowledge that it does not
really belong to you.

If you are willing, let it go. Let it go back to where it came from. Now, what
are you left with? What do you have? That was the original question.

A greedy person usually has quite a lot, and never, ever sees that. And so, he
or she is as destitute in his/her riches as in his/her losses.

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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