Quid caeco cum speculo?

What (benefit is there) for the blind man with a mirror?

(Pron = kwid KAI-koh koom SPEH-koo-loh)

Comment: This question reveals some simple logic, and perhaps even the
narrowness of our catagories.

Questions: What is the fat girl doing in the cheerleading squad? What is the
deaf boy doing in the foreign language class? What is the autistic girl doing
in a math class? What is the black man doing in the pharmacists coat? What is
the woman doing behind the judge's bench? What is the homosexual doing as a
teacher? These questions all hit nerves, and they hit different people's
nerves differently.

Answers: cheering, speaking, computing, filling prescriptions, rendering
justice, teaching.

Our questions always reveal something that we already know, and beliefs that we
already harbor, whether we are conscious of them or not. Simple logic, so
called, always includes judgements about catagories.

So, today, at the end of the week, let's pretend for a while that we are blind
folk carrying around a mirror and see what we can reflect, turn the catagories
around a bit. Though the blind man may not be able to see what's in the
mirror, all those around him can see what he reflects.

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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