8.00 p.m. |HINT| Roman Imprint on the West
In the 2nd century AD, all roads lead to Rome, and we'll follow some which connect Rome to the rich provinces of the West, including Iberia (Spain) and Gaul (France) as a Celtic gladiator takes us on a virtual tour through the streets of Nimes, Orange, Tarragona, Italica, Meridia, and more.

8.30 p.m. |HINT| Greek Cities in Italy
Nearly 2,800 years ago, a group of Greek settlers landed on the coast of Italy, an event that marked the start of the process that created Magna Graecia--(Latin for Greater Greece)--Greek colonization of Southern Italy and Sicily. Explore the computer-recreated streets of the original Greek colonies as we walk through Cumae, Pasteum, Puteoli, and Neapolis, reconstructed using the most advanced computer graphics.

10.00 p.m. |HINT| Friends, Romans, or Countryman?
An ancient secret, lying deep beneath a school playing-field in Bristol, England is unearthed when bulldozers move in to clear the land for a new housing development. The diggers uncover a large block of unusually shaped stone, which turns out to be part of a lidded box--a Roman sarcophagus dating back to the 4th century AD. It's a delicate and difficult operation to move the one-ton coffin without disturbing its contents. Once opened, there's a surprise in store. The coffin contains not one, but two bodies--a man and a woman. It's the first double burial ever found in a sarcophagus in Britain. But who are the mystery pair? What was their relationship? Husband and wife? Or mother and son? And where did they come from? The team of expert archaeologists, historians, medical artists, and forensic scientists piece together the clues.