Moles (and Time Team) have discovered a Romano-British Villa ... from Ananova:

Burrowing moles have led archaeologists to the discovery of a grand Romano-British villa.

Researchers found farm buildings and an ornate bath house while investigating mosaic tiles brought to the surface by a colony of Cotswold moles.

They were particularly surprised to find the 3rd or 4th century settlement because it is only 300 yards from another sizeable villa from the same period. It is highly unusual for two to be so close together.

Experts working for Channel 4's Time Team programme made the discoveries after Roger Box, a former forensic archaeologist, tipped them off about the Roman mosaic tiles in a field at the end of his garden.

Mr Box believes that the complex could be comparable in size to the Chedworth villa, which the National Trust runs as a tourist attraction three miles away.

He first began to suspect that the moles that were digging up his garden had made an archaeological discovery after moving into his 19th century cottage near the village of Withington eight years ago.

He said: "The moles can be a real pain. Those that wreck my garden are sworn enemies but those on the other side of the river have turned out to be amateur archaeologists and, as such, are my friends."