The fashion world gets involved in the efforts to save Allianoi ... from the Turkish Daily News:

Fashion designer Esin Y'lmaz introduced her new dress design, 'Su Perisi' (Water Nymph), on Tuesday in I.zmir, created as part of broader efforts to prevent the ancient city of Allianoi from being flooded by the waters of Yortanl' Dam.

An ancient nymph statue that was unearthed in the old city of Allianoi, located in Bergama, has attracted the attention of archaeologists and provided inspiration for Y'lmaz's designs.

Y'lmaz tried out her new dress on State Opera and Ballet performer Siner Gönenç and disguised Gönenç as a nymph by decorating her in silk tulle, chiffon cloth, acrylic dye, raffia and powder.

Y'lmaz said she had always felt aware of current events happening around us as an artist as well as a human being. She noted that, although we are living in a more prosperous world, the world's ecological balances were being destroyed and resulting in poverty.

'I contribute to the struggle for the preservation of our culture through my designs and fashion shows. Thus, I designed 'Su Perisi' to raise awareness that the ancient city of Allianoi is about to be submerged by the waters of the dam. This is my way of doing something as a fashion designer,' Y'lmaz said.

Allianoi, founded during the Hellenic period and was popularized by Roman Emperor Hadrian (A.D. 117-138), was discovered during construction of a State Waterworks Authority (DSI) dam in 1995. However, the city is in danger of being submerged and lost forever to the encroaching waters of Yortanl' Dam.

Salvage excavations are being carried out at the site while national and international initiatives continue with efforts to save the unique archaeological site of Allianoi.

As part of these efforts, Europa Nostra, the pan-European federation for heritage, has sought Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül's help in saving the ancient city of Allianoi from flooding.

A photo of the 'nymph' accompanies the original article ... a photo of the nymph statue is available at the Europanostra site ...