It's a very slow news day so here's one of the most jarring -- indeed, I wanted to put the internet acronym WTF in the subject -- howler I've seen in a while. From a piece in the Rock River Times about walnuts:

Ancient Mesopotamians planted walnut groves and harvested the wood and the nuts. In Greek mythology, the goddess Dionysus was transformed into a walnut tree after she died. And the name of the walnut comes from the ancient Romans.

Here's a better account of the story (which in the above case seems to be a case of a reporter taking notes rather carelessly) ... from the Ancient Library's online version of Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology s.v. Dion [sc. Apollo has already visited Dion and gave his daughters the gift of prophecy, with conditions, of course]:

Afterwards Diony­sus also came to the house of Dion; he was not only well received, like Apollo, but won the love of Carya, and therefore soon paid Dion a second visit, under the pretext of consecrating a temple, which the king had erected to him. Orphe and Lyco, however, guarded their sister, and when Dionysus had reminded them, in vain, of the com­mand of Apollo, they were seized with raging mad­ness, and having gone to the heights of Taygetus, they were metamorphosed into rocks. Garya, the beloved of Dionysus, was changed into a nut tree, and the Lacedaemonians, on being informed of it by Artemis, dedicated a temple to Artemis Caryatis.

On the etymological side of things,'s page is rather more accurate ...

With all the foregoing in mind, how would one render WTF in a Latin acronym?