From the Turkish Daily News:

One of the most prestigious documentary channels in the world, the History Channel, shot a documentary in Bodrum, telling the Iliad Epic of Homer, reported the Anatolia news agency.

The documentary crew worked for two days in Bodrum. One of the two Turkish producers of the segment in Turkey is Tufan Turanlı, the head of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology, who has previous experience in documentary projects on nautical archaeology.

As a part of the documentary series Digging for the Truth, this documentary is directed by Brian Lecley and presented by Josh Bernstein of the History Channel. The scenes shot in Bodrum are to be broadcast the next season. Some other parts of the documentary are to be shot in Greece as well as a few more in Bodrum. The film crew will then move on to Çanakkale to shoot scenes in the ancient city of Troy before leaving Turkey.

Homer's 'Iliad' to be highlighted:

The documentary is the fifth documentary project that shot in Bodrum this year. The director and the crew of the movie were trying to create the original atmosphere of Bronze Age dating some 3,300 years back.

Producer Turanlı said that they asked for help from local horse-carriage masters Celal Eski and Mehmet Çiftlikçi to capture every single detail. Turanlı also said that American and Turkish filmmakers worked together for this project as well as on previous shoots in Bodrum.

"We're aiming to make Bodrum the Hollywood of documentary movies, Iliad is the fifth project this year. We also have previous documentary experiences with National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. We believe that Bodrum is an international documentary center. I'm planning to bring another documentary project to Bodrum, composing six episodes, telling the life of the Prophet Moses and the Old Testament. Our aim is to promote Turkey, said the producer.