If the date of this one is correct, it sounds especially significant ... the incipit of a piece from Reuters:

An ancient church dating back to the third or fourth century has been discovered inside one of Israel's maximum security prisons, the Israel Antiquities Authority said on Saturday.

Excavations inside Megiddo prison in northern Israel unearthed the remains of a structure which included a mosaic with inscriptions in Greek and murals of fish as well as an altar, the Authority said.

Sharon Shouab, Megiddo prison commander, told Israel's Channel Two television that the site had been discovered amid planned work to build a new security wing.

The jail houses prisoners including members of Palestinian militant groups Islamic Jihad and Hamas who are sworn to Israel's destruction.

Channel Two reported that the site had been discovered some months ago but was kept secret until now.

"This is a once in a lifetime find and the inscriptions are very rare," Antiquities Authority excavation supervisor, Jotham Tefer, told Channel Two.

... more (but no real detail is added). The ABC/AP version of the story includes a small photo of one of the mosaics ...