From a press release:

Booksurge has announced the publication of "Homer Realized," by Martha Battle.

The legends of Troy and Ancient Greece have played pivotal roles in every phase of the modern arts, particularly literature and theater. One cannot speak of that period of civilization without mentioning the great and revered Homer, author of The Iliad and The Odyssey. These narrative epics were composed and performed nearly three thousand years ago, yet they are taught today, in nearly every high school and university in the world. When, in the late 1980's, archaeological digs were undertaken again at Troy, the centuries-long fascination with Greece led to a German exhibition in 2001-2002 that attracted 850,000 visitors.

A long-standing interest in Homeric epic is evident in Martha Battle’s "Homer Realized." Ms. Battle has written an engaging fictional biographic novel that imagines life in Homer’s time. Her novel probes the possibilities of Homer’s use of particular elements in his two great narratives and reveals how life could have been lived three millennia before the modern age.

In "Homer Realized," the author links Homer to the island of Samothrace and suggests that a cataclysmic earthquake drove him from Smyrna to Chios.

This novel is timely, entertaining, and a thoughtful addition to the collection of literature written to honor a genius about whom we know so little.