I'm out of the loop, it appears, since I have never heard of this television program called Related (hey ... hockey season just started!) starring one Laura Breckenridge ... this excerpt from the Philly Inquirer has an interesting detail:

A brief history: voice lessons with local legend Russell Faith, who tutored such other successful young Philadelphians as Andrea McArdle and Joey Lawrence. Dancing with the Rock School of the Pennsylvania Ballet, the School of American Ballet, and the Royal Ballet in London. High school at the Professional Children's School in New York (she was pals with Scarlett Johansson). And college at Princeton, where, after extensive time off for theater, movies and now TV, she'll be a junior someday and perhaps the oldest member ever of the BodyHype student dance company.

"I will definitely go back," she says. "It's just a matter of when. Princeton's been there a long time. I'm majoring in classical studies, with a theater and dance certificate. I'm interested in Western literary theatrical traditions."

She speaks ancient Greek - "only at the intermediate level," she's quick to explain. And she seems to cringe a little every time she says Princeton, preferring the generic college.