8.00 p.m. |HISTU| The Colosseum
Nothing symbolizes the Roman Empire at its height or Rome in magnificent ruins more than the Colosseum. Built in 70 AD, it seated 80,000 people, boasted a retractable roof, underground staging devices, marble seating, and lavish decorations. It still serves as the prototype for the modern stadium. The complexity of its construction, the beauty of its architecture, and the functionality of its design made it the perfect place for massive crowds to congregate for the bloody spectacles it contained.

8.30 p.m. |HINT| What the Romans Did for Us: Invasion
Adam Hart-Davis rediscovers the innovations and inventions the Romans brought to Britain. In this episode, the terrifying military equipment that was the key to their success. In the recreated timber fort at The Lunt, Adam discovers how professional cavalry and foot-soldiers were trained for battle. He also reveals how Roman soldiers terrified the natives with charging elephants. In Dorset, Adam encounters a genuine casualty of the Roman war machine, and on top of Hod Hill, he finds out how deadly accurate catapults could lead to the quick surrender of an Iron-Age settlement. Adam also commissions a reconstruction of a potentially lethal weapon--the forerunner of the machine gun.

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