From an entertainment column in the Sydney Morning Herald comes this excerpt:

David Hill, former boss of the ABC and Sydney Water, has left the corporate world behind to prepare for an Indiana Jones-like quest to Greece.

Hill has been sighted around town of late, taking measurements with surveying equipment, and now the mystery has been solved.

In an interview with the University of Sydney's Uni News newsletter, Hill explained he was taking a course called practical archaeology. His aim, he said, was to uncover lost Greek sites mentioned in Homer's Iliad, in which, as every schoolchild knows, Brad Pitt seduces Balmain's own Rose Byrne.

"The Catalogue of Ships in the second book of Homer's Iliad names the places in Greece that committed ships and troops to the siege of Troy," Hill explained. "Archaeologists have found fewer than half these sites, places like Mycenae and Pylos. But I believe there are many more to be discovered. I think Homer was right about the locations of many of these towns." Hill's theory will be tested next year when he embarks upon the epic quest.

... the ABC mentioned is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. I guess we'll have to wait and see whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.