Ardle McMahon posted this on the Classicists list ... it is aimed at UK Classicists only, but Classicists elsewhere might be interested in its methodology and results:


Classics in the Market Place, which was published by CUCD in 1990, is
currently being revised. This revision is being done in conjunction with a
project on the employability of humanity graduates. It is intended to
canvass the opinion of academics, graduates and employers to build a clear
impression of how these groups view Classics as a subject and its
relevance to the future employability of its graduates in the professional
work environment.

In line with the annual statistics report in the CUCD Bulletin, a Classics
degree is here understood as both the ‘traditional’ language courses
(Greek and Latin) and the ‘modern’ variants (Classical Civilization,
Classical Studies, Ancient History, and Classical Art and Archaeology).

If you are interested in contributing to this revision, especially if you
are a Classics Graduate (within the last 15 years) or an Employer, please
contact me off list.

Further details and downloadable questionnaire are available at this