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Non sine causa sed sine fine laudatus.

He was praised not without cause, but without an end result.

(pron = nohn see-nay kow-sah sehd see-nay fee-nay lau-dah-toos)

Comment: My daughter and son (middle schoolers) and I got in the car on Sunday
morning to drive to church. As the radio came on I heard the voice of Jimmy
Carter talking, and then Rosalyn Carter. I asked them to listen. The Carters
were discussing the various projects tha the Carter Center, located here in
Atlanta, is and has been involved with.

I have long been an admirer of this former president who has done so much with
his life, and that since he left office. My two youngsters didn’t remain quiet
long. They wanted to know who he was, what he was talking about, and since I
have been to the Carter center and followed its work, I began to describe all
the things that he has and continues to accomplish. I talked to them about why
I admire him—a man who could simply have retired after leaving office, written a
memoir, and played golf. Instead, as I said to them, when he dies, there will
be an incredible legacy of making the world, literally, a better place.

Jimmy Carter, politics aside, is a man in my estimation whom we can praise both
for good reason now, and with plenty of good result. As the three of discussed
yesterday: he is like the tree that is identifiable by the fruit it produces.
No one has to wonder what kind of man this is. A rare life in politics these

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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