Omne initium est difficile.

Each beginning is difficult.

(pron = ohm-nay ih-nih-tee-oom ehst dif-fik-ih-lay)

Comment: Each beginning is difficult to the degree that it requires a force.
This proverb reminds me of physics lessons long years ago. Objects at rest
remain at rest. Objects in motion remain in motion. Both statements assume
that the object is contained in a vacuum, and, alas, nothing in my world exists
in a vacuum.

So, sometimes, things “begin” without my initiating them. And sometimes things
end without my choice. But, within the complex world that each of us lives in,
there are times when a new project, or a new idea, or a new relationship stands
before us, and we have to decide whether to apply the force of our lives to
beginning it.

All this is known by another name: change. The changes we face are difficult
to the degree that we are convinced that things don’t change. In other words,
if we are living our lives as if they took place in a vacuum, then change,
beginnings, and endings will be very difficult. We don’t acknowledge all of
the other forces that are in a dance with us. Life is a cosmic dance. The
music is always playing. There are plenty of others to dance with. Do we
enter the dance, or sit on the side, watching?

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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