An excellent suggestion has been made in our forums in regards to folks who are tired of all the political chatter on Classics-l. It has been suggested (by encanto, seconded by cw) that folks vote with their feet, as it were and turn to Ancien-l, which is rather quiet right now, but has the same purview (in theory) as Classics-l and moderators who are much more proactive in regards to off-topic discussions. To subscribe to Ancien-l, send an email to :

LISTSERV@LISTSERV.LOUISVILLE.EDU with the command (paste it!):


Their archives are available, and you can see that they've been pretty quiet for a while. Part of this (I think) is due to the list configuration being set to reply to sender rather than the list itself. Folks should ensure that when they reply that it is going to the list.

For those of you who will miss Explorator and/or RC update posts, I do post them to Ancien-l (I've been only posting rc updates to Ancien-l when there's an item of archaeological interest, but if there's a desire, I'll do the daily think I once did at the Classics list).