From a fashion magazine come these excerpts:

In Gothenburg, Sweden, from November 20, Panos Emporio has a new concept for its spring 2004 line of swimwear: Unlimited Love. The focus for the range is on the boundless and all-embracing ideas of love.

The new line is a fresh expression of the sometimes mysterious and often sensual ideas behind love, largely inspired by the work of the lyrical poet Sappho.*


* Sappho was a female poet from the Greek island Lesbos. Sappho, relating to Greek antiquity, intensified her poems with strong feelings of love, desire, longing and suffering. The poems where originally created as a tribute to the private sphere of a woman, which was not common in Greek literature. The love poems of Sappho are, considered, by many, to be the most vital ever created.

... but how does that translate into swimwear?