Movie City News alerts us to the release of a DVD I don't think we've mentioned before:

Nero (a.k.a., Imperium: Nerone) represents the second in a six-part series of long-form historical (more or less) dramas made originally for European television. It didn't find a whole lot of traction in the marketplace there, but it could attract takers in its DVD incarnation here, if only among those younger viewers whose parents won't let them watch Rome, on HBO. (Who knew that bikini waxing was so popular among Caesar's gal pals?) Made at a fraction of the cost of that epic mini-series, Nero is pretty much your standard period soaper, and really isn't in the same league as Rome, I, Claudius, Empire or Gladiator, which begs the question of why anyone still would bother to try. The Imperium series will continue with Titus, Marcus Aurelius, Costantinus and The Fall of the Roman Empire. Clearly, there's still a lot of life left in the sword-and-sandals genre.

There's a DVD at Blockbuster that came out a while back dealing with Augustus ... is that part of the same series?