A while ago Jim Davila was complaining about Technorati being down all the time. I had written to say that it was only when you put an url in the search, but it seems technorati has larger problems. Some jerk has set up some sort of multiple blog thing which is searching for keywords and automatically posting them, the purpose of which seems to be to expose people to Google ads. So, e.g., if you put the url for rc into technorati, today you'll be pointed to Helpful Atlantis Resources, which is obviously trolling for the word 'Atlantis'. Ditto Internet Catholic Saints Resources, and Alexander Hamilton info. There's probably more, but technorati keeps timing out on the second page. The point of all this is if you're a blog owner and find a site called 'helpful resources about ___" vel simm. linking to you, it ain't a scholarly blog and is worth reporting to blogger.