Yep ... there's another one, but this one raises questions amidst the babeling ... here's the incipit:

The Atlantis Chronicles Forgotten. The Hispano-Romans authors.

By Georgeos Diaz-Montexano.

The Petrus’s Chronicon of Caesar Augusta, Zaragoza, Spain and the Dex’tro Chronicon (attributed to century IV AD)

This Chronicon, attributed to Petrus de Caesar Augusta (Zaragoza, Spain), about century IV AD, it treats on old history from Spain to way of the style of medieval chronicles, that is to say, a successive chronological exhibition with additional data on the reign of each personage and his main landmarks, profits or events. As all the medieval chronicles of Christian authors use the system of Biblical chronology with few differences. The period that includes the Chronicón starts off from year 525 after the Biblical deluge to the 40 after Jesus Christ.

... what is this Chronicon written by Petrus/Peter?