On Octavius being kidnapped by bandits ... the closest I can come is a mention in Suetonius about Octavius' activities when Julius Caesar was fighting Pompey's son's in Spain (Aug. 8):

He lost his father when he was only four years of age; and, in his twelfth year, pronounced a funeral oration in praise of his grandmother Julia. Four years afterwards, having assumed the robe of manhood, he was honoured with several military rewards by Caesar in his African triumph, although he took no part in the war, on account of his youth. Upon his uncle's expedition to Spain against the sons of Pompey, he was followed by his nephew, although he was scarcely recovered from a dangerous sickness; and after being, shipwrecked at sea, and travelling with very few attendants through roads that were infested with the enemy, he at last came up with him.

... no mention of his being sent by mommy on this one.