From the Jackson Sun:

At 12 years old, Aubrey Binkley may appear too young to know much about ancient mythology or the Latin language, but he does.

And he's got national awards to prove it.

The Augustine School seventh-grader received the only Julia K. Petrino Book Award from the American Classical League in the country for his perfect score on the National Mythology Exam.

"His dedication to classical studies will help him have a better understanding of the modern world," said Mark Dubis, Aubrey's Latin teacher.

Dubis found out about Aubrey's award while attending the national American Classical League conference this summer.

According to a press release from the school, the award was given based on classroom work, Aubrey's performance on the National Mythology Exam and Dubis' recommendation.

"I had to sit down for a second," Aubrey said about his reaction to winning the award.

"I thought, 'Wow, I was just having fun with Latin and doing my best like the Lord wants us to and I won an award,' " he said.

Aubrey was honored Thursday during chapel at the school after Dubis demonstrated his style of teaching - complete with togas and laurels.

Even Brad Green, head of school, got into the spirit of things, donning a toga with a light blue stipe.

The school has offered Latin for its entire five years of existence and plans to offer Greek when the K-8 school expands to high school, Green said.

"Latin is not commonly spoken but the greatest minds spoke Latin," he said. "Half of our words come from Greek and Latin, and it trains a student to think well."

Aubrey's mom, dad and two of his five siblings attended Thursday's presentation. Aubrey's parents said that his accomplishments will inspire his siblings and his peers.

"I hope that other children his age will aspire what they desire and give the Lord his glory," said Lynn Binkley, Aubrey's mom.