Another announcement of interest ... from the Classicists list:


This is a link to the website of the British School at Athens and a
catalogue containing a miscellany of books devoted to Greek history
and culture. They have been given to the Friends of the British
School at Athens by individual Friends and other persons for a
fund-raising sale, which ends on 1st October 2005. The proceeds will
be sent to the Friends' committee in Athens to be used in its
constant support of School purposes, particularly for the libraries
in Athens and at Knossos.

We hope that recipients of Books for Greece will spare time to search
its pages and send in their orders (see attached files on How to
Order Books and the Order Form) to augment both departmental and
personal bookshelves and, at the same time, lend their support to the
work and objectives of the Friends of the BSA. To that end, books are
offered at prices below current market values. Please forward this
e-mail to anyone you think may be interested in the catalogue.

If you would like a hard copy of the catalogue or know of anyone who
would appreciate receiving it, please notify:

Marie-Christine Keith
12 Sovereign Court
51 Gillingham Street
London SW1V 4QF