From IOL comes this:

A nine-metre-long Roman mosaic dating from the 2nd Century has been unearthed by an Egyptian-Polish archaeological team in northern Sinai, the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) said on Wednesday.

The mosaic was found while the archaeologists were restoring a Pelusium Roman theatre in an area 25km east of the Suez Canal.

"It is the most unique piece of mosaic ever found in Sinai," said SCA Secretary-General Zahi Hawass.

The mosaic, made from a combination of glass, marble, clay and limestone, features a blooming garden with two birds on a tree branch and other birds flying over roses.

It is believed to have once been part of the theatre's decorated floor.

The theatre itself is believed to be one of the largest Roman theatres ever discovered, according to the SCA statement, with a one-metre stage, and 28 eight-metre-long granite pillars.

... no photos yet ... I'll keep looking