Saxum volutum non obducitur musco.

(pron = sahk-soom woh-loo-toom nohn ohb-doo-kih-toor moos-koh)

A rolled stone is not enveloped in moss.

Comment: Even in English “A rolling stone gathers no moss” is an old proverb. I
love to see an area in the woods covered in moss. It’s green is lush, and it is
usually as soft as a blanket. Yet, the conditions required are dark, stagnant
moisture with little movement or disturbance of any sort. Hence, the rock
covered with moss is the one that never moves, lives in the dark, and is sot
with stagnant moisture.

If darkness and stagnation are what we want, the directions are clear: do
nothing. Don’t move. Don’t allow any disturbance of our present condition.
It occurs to me that cemeteries can be great places to find moss growing!

There are times to be quiet, sit in the cool shade, and do nothing. There are
times to light a fire, get up and move and disturb everything that has been
sitting around in stagnation. Like every other kind of experience in the
world, wisdom teaches that the pendulum swings and it takes both extremes of
its trip to keep life working.

So, it might be good for us to check to check our rocks. How long since any of
them were moved? Got moss? Move those rocks!

Bob Patrick
(Used with permission)
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