From the Turkish Press:

Kutalmis Gorkay, the head of the excavation team active in Zeugma ancient site said on Monday that the team wanted to bring to daylight many important artifacts which were still buried.

Speaking to A.A about the recent excavation which was started on July 25th in Zeugma ancient city --which is near Nizip town of southeastern Gaziantep city--, Gorkay said that Turkish and foreign archaeologists took part in this year's excavation.

The artifacts unearthed up to now were all displayed in Gaziantep Zeugma Museum and Museum of Mosaics, said Gorkay.

Gorkay stressed that the excavations in Zeugma would continue for a long time.

Gaziantep Governor Lutfullah Bilgin said in his part that Zeugma excavations and the new museum would turn Gaziantep into a center of culture and tourism. Bilgin stressed that the aim was to reveal all the richness of the Zeugma Ancient City.

Recently L'Express magazine ranked Zeugma as the leading wonder among its ''New Seven Wonders of the World'' classification.

... I was under the impression that the excavations were complete. See the 'official' (?) Zeugma site (and click on the 'last condition of excavations') ...