The APA has put up issue 5.1 (not 4.1, as their own website suggest) of Amphora, which includes a nice feature on the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest (among other things) ... I also note an ad:

Barbara Gold, the APA Vice-
President for Outreach, and
two members of the APA Outreach
Committee, Mary-Kay Gamel and
Judith P. Hallett, will establish an
APA Web site for “Current Events
in Classics” (lectures, museum
openings, outreach events) and
find people in key areas around the
country who can feed steady information
to that site. Mary-Kay
Gamel will coordinate theatrical
productions, films, and videos in
particular. They will create links to
existing Web sites of this nature
and also use state coordinators to
help identify classically-related
events around the country; many of
these coordinators will ideally be
leaders of the state classical organizations.

Isn't that what the Agora section of the website is for? In any event ... good luck ... do you think they've ever heard of rogueclassicism?