Blogographos points us to a post over at the The Examined Life by Scott Carson (didn't know he had a blog) in which he bewails the translation of Harry Potter into Greek because it's an indication of the 'dumbing down' of American literary tastes. i.e. Instead of reading Xenophon or the like, HP has to be translated into Greek because it's more "popular". DH (at Blogographos) thinks SC goes a bit too far, but both are really looking through the wrong end of the telescope. Translation of Harry Potter into ancient Greek has nothing to do with ancient Greek, per se, at all. It's all about marketing. HP was translated into Greek not because there was a perceived 'need' for a Greek translation (even after doing it in Latin), but solely so the marketing mavens could say "It's been translated into x languages ... even ancient Greek". What other books can claim that?

On a distantly-related note, see Curculio's comments on the cover of the Greek version of Harry Potter.