I think I forgot to post this one earlier in the week from the Sofia News Agency:

Bulgarian archeologists accidentally unearthed a bronze labrys, a double headed ritual axe, symbol of the King's authority in the history of the Thracian tribes.

The labrys was found during rescue opearions at the Ada Tepe hill, near Krumovgrad. The archaeologists say that the finding dates back to the Bronze era and is unique for Bulgaria.

The bronze labrys is 15cm long and proves Ada Tepe's links to the Minoan culture.

The head of the expedition Georgi Nihtrisov said that the Ada Tepe region hides many historical secrets. He also said that these secrets will remain unsolved as the region will be included in the gold extraction area of the Balkan Mineral & Mining AD.

Long time rogueclassicism readers will remember this piece from January, claiming such a find as a link to the Minoans. We also had claims of finds of Linear A script ... and a followup thereto.