Okay ... here's a movie poster that I'm sure most folks have never seen before. The movie is in the IMDB, with few details, but a page at the New York Times gives the plot:

Venus, the Goddess of Love (Celeste Lee) sends Cupid to Earth to look for romance. He travels to the home of Dennis Dean (William Walling) in a little fishing village. Dean has two daughters, Moria (Mary Philbin) and Peggy (Alice Day). Nat Harper, a fisherman (David Butler), loves Moria but she becomes fascinated with an artist. The artist tells her the story of Echo (Lorraine Easton), along with weaving tales of Juno (Marilynn Boyd), Neptune (Robert Cline), and other mythological figures. But he is infatuated with Constance Lane (Phillis Haver), who throws a jazz ball which features the female guests in bathing costumes (perhaps the only true selling point of this picture). The artist turns away from Constance's wild life and paints Moria's portrait. The jealous Harper ties the artist to the rocks, but releases him when he realizes that Moria really loves the man. Moria's sister also makes a good match, and Cupid is able to return to Venus with a positive romantic report.

Someone has to remake this or at least put the original on DVD so we can see it. (Thanks to DtBV for helping me track down the poster when my local copy became corrupted)