A handful of Bibliobloggers (e.g. Jim West) are showing off their (extremely neat) desks and, as I was just about to clean mine (it's been in that just-before-holidays/just-back-from-holidays confused state for a week or so now and it's driving me nuts. So here's a photo and a guided tour of the rogueclassicist's desk:

Starting on the left of the shelf above my desk, you can see the white binder that is full of This Day in Ancient History stuff, my big Liddell and Scoot, and my big Lewis and short. The next books are in disarray because of an avalanche I had just before we went to Calgary ... the little baskets are full of yugioh cards which I'm in the midst of sorting. The two speakers there are attached to a clock radio that is perpetually flashing 8.00 p.m. because every time I set it, we get a power failure. I thought not ever setting it might be apotropaic for same, but it hasn't quite worked out.

Down to the desk, going left to right you see my cheap little tv/vcr combo which is perpetually on, usually with some news station. You might be able to see my mp3 player which I just loaded with a bunch of Father Fosters to catch up on when I clean the basement. There's a pile of recordable CDs there because I was trying to see if I could 'send' npr broadcasts to cd (like Windows Media Player suggested I could) to convert them to something mp3able, but it didn't work. There's also a pile of yugioh cards ... this was actually a duel in progress (I duel via email with a minister somewhere near Chicago when my kids aren't around). Of course, you see the omnipresent cup of coffee. Then comes the Dell laptop which gives birth to rc, Explorator, and far-too-many-emails for many people's tastes. Just behind the computer you might see a copy of the Sun (the supermarket tabloid) which has an article on "NASA Decodes Lost Gospels", which I never quite got around to reading/blogging about. The box from my new camera (Canon A520) sits on top of my scanner/printer (this thing has to move), in front of which are a pile of cd envelopes, a headset with microphone (my father and I play crib via the internet every week). Queen's grads might recognize the 'official' Queen's chair which is one of the best chairs I've ever sat in ...

If you're wondering where all the books are, they're in shelves in our loft and in a pile of shelves behind me. I can't boast to having near as many as some on the Classics list, but I think I am approaching a thousand or two (if journals are counted). In any event, hopefully showing you the 'shame' of my messy desk will sput me to clean the darned thing up. Maybe I'll post another photo when I have.