From the Sofia News Agency:

Bulgarian archaeologists have identified the Thracian ruler, whose tomb was found on July 23rd near the village of Zlatinitsa.

The king's name is Kerseblept, according to Daniela Agre, head of the archeological team, which discovered the ruler's body and a number of gold artifacts.

Kerseblept, who was a son of Kotus I, was an amazing warrior, Àgre explained.

He has entered many times in battles with Macedonian king Philip II.

He used to be an honorary citizen of Athens and had the right to participate in the Olympics Games.

There is a hypothesis that the golden wreath, found during the excavations, is a prize for his achievement at the legendary games, Agre shared.

It is more probable, however, that the wreath is an insignia of honour he received in a battle, the archaeologist said.

The unique Thracian golden wreath has been put on display at Sofia's National History Museum on Wednesday.

The entire treasure will be displayed to the public in the end of October, archaeologists announced.

... note in passing: I wonder if that 'crown' found at Parium/Parion t'other day is actually a wreath of this sort.