From the Sofia News Agency:

Archaeologists digging in the excavations of ancient Thracian tombs in Bulgaria have disclosed the first for this summer Thracian temple.

Bulgaria's archaeological expedition TEMP started its new excavations in the Valley of Thracian Kings at Ploska Mound last week.

The head of the expedition Dr Georgi Kitov said that the temple has been robbed in the ancient times. He also explained that the temple had two pillars. Data about that temple dates back to 1898 when the region was explored by the famous Skorpil brothers.

We are still in the beginning, Dr Kitov, known as the Bulgarian Indiana Jones, said.

TEMP is famous for discovering some of the most sensational Thracian finds over the last several years. The team of Georgi Kitov has uncovered several Thracian tombs in the Kazanlak Kettle, which gave it the name Valley of Thracian Kings.

Last summer, the expedition discovered the sepulchre of King Sevt III, a mighty Thracian ruler.