From the Colorado Daily:

Graduate students from CU-Boulder produced an exhibit titled "Wining, Dining, and Dying in Ancient Greece," a selection of vases from Ancient Greece that is part of an intense, semester-long study for the Special Collections Department in Norlin Library.

Each student has been responsible for two or more pots owned by CU's Museum of Natural History, has done research into the pots' shapes, decorations, and functions. They have also researched into additional, related aspects of Greek social and ceramic history.

The graduate students that participated in the research included Megan Aikman, Jessika Akmenkalns, Jeff Gingras, Gina Hander, Heather McKeown, Crystal Rome, Stephanie Ann Smith, Sarah Thomas, and Summer Trentin.

A digital panoramic view and detailed information on each piece of artwork can be seen on the Classics Department Web site ( The Web site also explains the importance of studying artwork to gain information about the historic culture.

"The fact is that this exhibit is a really excellent example of the kind of stuff this university is all about," said Deborah Hollis, the faculty director of the Special Collections Office.

The exhibit is open to visitors through September from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Friday. It is in room N345 of Norlin Library.

"I hope people come and learn about these great pots," said Hollis. "But it is also important that they not only physically come to the library but look at the Web site, which is really amazing. It is within the Classic Department, yet it works with new technology."

Dusinberre may be writing a paper about the exhibit for the Teaching with Technology seminar at CU, which will take place Aug.10 through 11.

The exhibit has been made by a collaborative effort of the CU Museum of Natural History, the Special Collections Department of the University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries, the Classics Department, and ITS-Graphics. Support was provided by a grant from the President's Fund for the Humanities.

"It's really an amazing production," said Hollis. "The Special Collections Department is the stage, Dusinberre is the director and the graduate students are the actors."