nonae iuliae

ludi Apollinares (day 2)-- games instituted in 212 B.C. after consulting the Sybilline books during a particularly bad stretch in the Punic Wars; four years later they became an annual festival in honour of Apollo

feriae Ancillarum -- a festival in honour of the "maids" who helped save Rome from a Latin attack in the days after the Gallic sack

rites in honour of Juno Caprotina -- rites possibly associated with the above in which Latin women offered sacrifices to Juno Caprotina under wild fig trees (the branches of the tree were also somehow used ... the old canard of 'fertility ritual' is usually mentioned in this context)

rites in honour of Consus in the Circus Maximus -- 'public priests' offered a sacrifice to Consus (possibly in a role of presiding over grain which has been stored underground) at his underground altar (was it uncovered for this?) at the first turning point in the Circus

eighth century B.C.? -- death/disappearance of Romulus

267 B.C. -- dedication of the Temple of Pales (and associated rites thereafter)

175 A.D. -- the future emperor Commodus dons his toga virilis

c. 200 A.D. -- martyrdom of Pantaenus (a Stoic!)

1586 -- birth of Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel (amasser of the Arundelian Marbles)