An item from the Hellenic News Radio network which arrived in my mailbox but which I can't seem to access online:

Archaeologist Giannos Kouragios and his team have brought to light
significant archaeological finds. Three parts of archaic Kouroi were
discovered in very good condition during excavations on Despotiko,
close to the Greek island of Antiparos. Specifically the parts are two
bodies and a head, dating back to 560BC. The findings were located on
the uninhabited islet Despotiko, between the islands of Antiparos and
Sifnos. The Kouroi were found in a Sanctuary dedicated to ancient Greek
god Apollo. The leader of the expedition, who spoke exclusively on TV
station NET, explained that heads belonging to Kouroi had been
discovered in 2002, while this year they also discovered the two
bodies. He also added that the head they found was in excellent

The Excavations Are Continuing

The excavations it Mandra, on Despotiko, where the ruins of the
Sanctuary are located, began in 1997 and were funded by the Ministry
for the Aegean and Island Policy. Despotiko has been declared an
archaeological site. The excavations are continuing slowly and with
great care, since it is believed that many more treasures are hidden on
the islet, which has not been altered at all by human intervention.