Commercial Appeal comes through again with good coverage of a Classics event ... this time, the JCL convention in Tennessee:

Forty-one enthusiastic and loud Latin students from Hutchison School boarded a bus bound for the Tennessee Junior Classical League (JCL) Convention at Rossview High School in Clarksville, Tenn., where 780 students were in attendance.

The JCL's purpose is to promote appreciation and enthusiasm for studying Latin and the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome.

Each convention is full of academic competitions, olympika events and togas. The delegates are friendly and more than happy to admit their insatiable love for the classics.

Although it takes a while for the non-Latin students at the host school to become accustomed to the toga-clad teens, they eventually mark it down as an eccentricity and continue walking to their classes past gorgons, muses, and fully armed soldiers.

This convention proved especially successful for Hutchison, which boasted several academic and arts awards as well as two state officers.