The TOC for Classical Quarterly 55.1 (apologies for the formatting):

Arms and the Man: Euphorbus, Hector, and the Death of Patroclus
William Allan

Nestor the Good Counsellor
Hanna M. Roisman

Odyssey and Argonautica
M. L. West

The Archaic Treaties between the Spartans and their Allies
David C. Yates

Pindar's three Words: The Role of Apollo in the Seventh Nemean
Annette Teffeteller

Pindar and the Statues of Rhodes
Patrick O'Sullivan

Some Remarks on the text of Aristotle's Metaphysics
Borje Byden

Machon, FR. 5, 44-5, Gow: A Fish with a {Psi}H{Phi}O{Sigma}
Antonis K. Petrides

Unwelcome Dedications: Public Law and Private Religion in Hellenistic Laodicea by the Sea
Joshua D. Sosin

Readings of Scipio's Dictatorship in Cicero's De Re Publica (6.12)
Tom Stevenson

Epic and Epigram--Minor Heroes in Virgil's Aeneid
Martin Dinter

Virgil's Sibyl and the 'Many Mouths' Cliche (Aen. 6.625-7)
Emily Gowers

Tillius and Horace
Mark Toher

A Yoke Connecting Baskets: Odes 3.14, Hercules, and Italian Unity
Llewelyn Morgan

Milestones in the Career of Tibullus
Peter E. Knox

Narrative Technique in The Lives of the Ten Orators
L. V. Pitcher

Pausanias and Oral Tradition
Maria Pretzler

Achilles Tatius' Leucippe and Cleitophon: What Happened Next?
I. D. Repath

Apuleius' Apologia in a Nutshell: The Exordium
Monika Asztalos

Porphyry and Gnosticism
Ruth Majercik

Aeschylus, Septem Contra Thebas 17-20
Nicholas Lane

Plato's Misquotation of the Poets
J. Mitscherling

Ephorus(?) on the Spartan Constitution
David Whitehead

Antipater After the Lamian War: New Readings in Vat. Gr. 73 (Dexippus Fr. 33)
Gunther Martin

The Splenetic Leno: Plautus, Curculio 216-45
Jarrett T. Welsh

Cicero, De Imperio Cn. Pompei 21
D. H. Berry

No more Slave-Gangs: Varro, De Re Rustica 1.2.20-1
Ulrike Roth

Virgil, Aeneid 10.366-7
J. M. Trappes-Lomax

War and the Sweet Life: The Gallus Fragment and the Text of Tibullus 1.10.11
James J. O'Harra

Spartan Tarentum? Resisting Decline In Odes 3.51
Llewelyn Morgan

Why didn't Constantius II Eat Fruit?
David Rohrbacher

The A Team: A Note On Anth. Pal. 11.437
L. V. Pitcher

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