Some hype from the Sofia News Agency:

The TEMP expedition led by Georgi Kitov will resume July 5 its work in the Valley of Kings, where last summer the archeologist and his team unearthed sensational findings from Thracian times.

The tomb at the Goljamata Kosmatka site has revealed one of richest Thracian tombs known from the times of Antiquity.

It was later identified to have belonged to the mighty Thracian King Seutus III. One of the tomb's chambers contained a bronze helmet, a delicate two-handled gold drinking cup and three amphorae as well as ten spears, a sword, a round shield and leg armour.

The Thracian royal tomb will be officially opened for public visits Wednesday and it is expected that Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg will attend it as well, local municipal officials have said.

Prominent archeologist Georgi Kitov, whose findings brought him the fame of Bulgaria's Indiana Jones, plans to present his latest book "The Land of Bulgaria. Cradle of Thracian Culture" on June 30 in Sofia.