From the Evening Leader:

Year four pupils at Southdown Primary School, Buckley, dressed up for the day yesterday in Roman costumes and lived the day as Romans, taking part in a range of traditional historical activities.
Deputy headteacher Andrew Wilkie said: “We thought that because the children are so interested in history this would be a way to really bring it to life for them.
“By getting dressed up it was a great way to take them back to Roman times.”
Year four has been studying the Romans in their history lessons since the beginning of term and followed on from an in-depth look at the Celts earlier in the year.
During the themed day pupils recreated a Roman debate in their very own forum to discuss some of the traditional issues of the time.
After a demanding debate the children enjoyed a feast of Roman fare, which they created themselves.
However, it wasn’t just the children who enjoyed dressing up and taking part in traditional activities.
The teachers and classroom assistants also got involved, dressing up in costume and acting as the children’s servants for the afternoon.
Staff fed the children grapes as they reclined in luxury, just like little Caesars.
Mr Wilkie said: “The children really enjoyed being fed grapes, it was something fun they could enjoy after the banquet in the forum.
“They all lay down and the teachers acted like servants for them.
“They whole day was a great success. The children really really enjoyed it.”